Stackpack, Stack Pack, Lazy Jack


A Stackpack is an integrated cover with a secured zip closing to hold the sail when not being used. It enables you to quick and easy cover the sail without the need for sail ties.
With this in mind it extends the life of the sail. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and can also customize with the name of your boat or website address.
Your reef lines pass through the sail cover to keep everything tidy and easy to use and no need to tie sail to the boom.
The stackPack can attach to the foot of the sail along the boom or if you have a loose footed mainsail it can indipendant from the foot of the sail. The cover and sail can be removed as one for winter storage.
Existing mains can be used as a base sail for the StackPack. No need to replace your main to install a StackPack. Reduce the hassle packing your sail away after sailing giving you more time to enjoy your sail.





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